Printess Live Examples

The best way to get to know the Printess-Editor is to have a look at live applications.
In this section we feature a range of templates, which you can ...

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Wedding Card
The first example shows a wedding invitation card where the buyer can edit text and change the design by selecting pre-defined images.
T-Shirt Designer
Design your own t-shirt on a new level! Experience the power of Printess Layout-Snippets, where you can pick amazing artworks and personalise them. See your final t-shirt in a ...
Greeting Card
Choose from various cover pages and design the inside of your greeting card with predefined layouts or freely with snippets. This template has it all. Don’t forget to check ou ...
Newborn Card
This first example shows a very simple postcard where the buyer can edit text and change images. On top it features color schemes to toggle the design from girlish to boyish.
Retro Sign
This example shows how to create a customizable sign with multiple production options like size, material, drill-holes and varnish. Plus the user can change the design.
Business Card
A standard business card example with all the challenges business cards can have. No phone or fax information will not display an empty line and the pink box at the bottom wil ...
Children’s Book
This example features a personalized children’s book with a configurable main character. Various form fields control the appearance of the kid in the book. Once an aspect like ...
Photo Puzzle
A photo puzzle template in portrait and landscape orientation. The user can change the photo and add calligraphic elements onto it.
Chocolate Bar
Editing branded products directly in a 3D mockup, this is what you can test drive here.
Phone & iPad Case
Create your own phone or iPad case. All layouts will automatically adopt to the size of various devices.
Photo Calendar
12 Month and a title to upload your images. Select the start month and year and add personal events to the calendar. You can select between a desktop style or wall calender an ...
Calendar with Image Personalization
This calendar shows the endless possiblities of text work in Printess. Seven stunning photo realistic artworks will guide you through the year.
Coffee Mug
This example uses pre created text and photo snippets to let users create a unique product in minutes. It also demonstrates how to use sub documents in conjunction with a mug ...