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General Concepts

On top of being a browser-based layout tool, Printess is optimized for automation and mass customization. In this chapter, you will get an introduction to the basic concepts of Printess.

Buyer Side Overview
Learn more about Buyer Side settings and how to build a powerful user interface for your personalized product.

Create and use Snippets
Snippets are intelligent building blocks for buyer designs that can be easily created in just minutes.

Printess allows to handle the complexity of engraved products with laser, engraving and print output.

Styles & Form Fields
Styles and Form Fields let you create smart documents with pleasing user interfaces.

Flex Designs
Flex designs will allow you to create documents which can change their size according to the product they are used on behave in an intelligent way.

Sub Documents
Sub documents allow documents to be used as building blocks. This supports the reuse of personalizable elements and our stunning photorealistic previews.

We consider ourselves to be a no-code/low code platform - however if you want something really complex or a small magic trick, scripting has been completely integrated for you.

You and your customer’s workflow must match your business ideas and internal procedures. Printess offers a multitude of ways to implement the product of your dreams. In this chapter, we present a detailed overview of our magical workflow options.

APIs and embedding of the Editor
Last but for sure not least. Here you can find all the APIs to integrate Printess in your eCommerce System, your DAM, your Website or your Shop Floor Workflow.